7 Tips on how to connect TV with Mobile Phone

Have you been wondering how to connect TV with mobile phone in a budget friendly way? If yes, then this article is for you. I am going to share few different ways in which you can connect your mobile with a TV of your choice. Let’s get started.

How to Connect TV with Mobile Phone

How to connect TV with Mobile Phone

You can enjoy your mobile content on a big screen TV, thanks to the advancement in technology. Here are some of the ways in which you can establish a connection between a TV and a mobile phone or a Smartphone:

Wired/cable Solutions

There are two types of wired connections that you can choose from. They are:

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
  • MHL (Mobile High-definition Link)

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI Cable

HDMI is an abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Virtually all mobiles come with a data cable i.e. a cable that you can use to connect to other devices, such as a TV/ Smart TV. In case such a cable is missing with your mobile, it won’t be a hard task to buy a new one. In order to connect this mobile to a TV, you have to ensure that the HDMI port(s) on the TV are available for making the connection.

Once the above is taken care of, simply plug the end with the shorter rectangle pin into your mobile phone and the end with the wider rectangle pin into the HDMI port on your TV. This will establish a connection between the mobile and the TV and the TV will start displaying whatever you have on your mobile.

In some cases, there is a launcher app pre-installed on the mobile. This launcher boots up and starts showing different options on your mobile, such as whether to show Images, Video, etc. and then based upon the option shown, you may select the most relevant for your purpose.

In this way, you can use a wire or a cable to connect to the TV and browse the internet, check out videos, browse through pictures and even play games on the TV screen.


  • Simple setup.
  • No other settings or passwords needed.


  • You may fall short of the cable length, depending upon where you want to operate your mobile or the TV from.
  • If the cable falls short, you may need to purchase a longer cable that could be an expense.
  • if your phone does not have an HDMI port, you will have to buy a micro USB-to-HDMI adaptor to establish the connection.

MHL (Mobile High-definition Link)

MHL Cable

MHL is an abbreviation for Mobile High-definition Link. It is somewhat less popular than HDMI but can still do the job sharing your phone’s content on TV. The smaller end of this cable needs to be connected to the micro USB port of the mobile. The wider or the larger end of the MHL cable needs to be connected to the HDMI port of the TV.

You can easily find MHL manufactured by the following companies: Sony, LG, Samsung, etc.


  • It can be used to connect your mobile to a keyboard or even a wireless game controller, which in turn can be used to control what happens on the TV.
  • It can be used to charge your mobile phone when connected to the bigger device.


  • Both the TV and the mobile phone need to support MHL.

Wireless Solutions

If you don’t want to be entangled with messy wires, then a Wireless is the way to go. Let us look at some of the facilities available that will help us in solving the issue of how to connect TV with Mobile Phone:

  • Miracast
  • Set-Top Boxes



Miracast is based on Wi-Fi Direct technology. You essentially have to visit your phone settings and enable the “screen mirroring function”. This establishes a wireless connection between your TV and your mobile phone. There is absolutely no need for an internet connection or a Wi-fi network for this to work.

This means, you can directly create a network of devices and share content among them, even without an active internet connection.


  • Creates a wireless connection between your mobile phone and the TV.
  • Does not require an active internet connection or a Wi-fi.


  • Both your mobile phone and TV should support Miracast for this to work.
  • If your TV is old, then you would need to purchase an adaptor to get it to work.

Set-Top Boxes (STB)

Set-Top Box

STB is an abbreviation for Set-Top Boxes. By using a set-top box, you will be able to share your mobile phone’s content with your TV. You simply need to connect both the TV and the mobile to the same Wi-Fi network and then simply turn on the “mirroring feature”. This establishes a wireless connection between your devices and you will be able to stream content from the smaller device to the TV.


  • Very easy to setup.
  • It is a wireless setup, so no more loose wires dangling around.


  • You will need to purchase a Set-top Box to avail the functionality.
  • Although there is no wire between the mobile and the TV, you may need a HDMI cable to connect the STB to the TV.

Examples of Set-Top Box:

Apple TV – This device allows you to share content from your iPad or iPhone to your TV. The content is transferred wirelessly from the mobile to the Set-Top Box, but the transfer of the content from the STB to the TV happens through a HDMI cable.


HDMI Dongle

A Dongle is nothing but a USB Wi-Fi adapter. The working principle of the Dongles is same as the principle of Set-Top Box i.e. connecting both the devices over the same network. Simply insert the dongle into the HDMI port of your TV set and connect both the devices to the same network. Then, once you run the content sharing feature or run the appropriate app, you will be on your way to share your content across the devices.


  • Very simple setup.
  • Setup is a wireless, so eliminates the hassles of wires.


  • You will need to purchase a Dongle work this to work.

Example of Dongle:

Google Chromecast – This device lets you share your Android device’s content on a bigger screen.


In order to share content, you will need your phone and TV with Internet connectivity so that both can share content over the internet. It is a wireless setup and transfer of data takes place over the internet.


  • Very easy to setup.
  • Wireless connection.


  • Needs an internet connection.
  • Large amounts of data transfer over the internet can add to the cost of your internet bill.
  • If your internet connection gets disturbed, then this will directly affect the screen sharing process in a negative way.

Example of Apps:

Nokia Beamer – This app lets you share whatever is on your phone’s display.

DLNA enabled devices


DLNA is an abbreviation for Digital Living Network Alliance. If you are thinking of purchasing a new TV, then you may consider going for a one that is DLNA-certified. A DLNA-certified TV will be able to connect to a DLNA-certified mobile, Set-Top Box or even a projector. This happens over your Wi-Fi.

For local content sharing on the same network, an active internet connection is a not required. Whereas, if you move away from your local network or request content from online sources, then you need an active internet connection. In simple words, if you just need to share content across a mobile and a TV without needing internet access, then DLNA is one of the options at your disposal.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Wireless connection.


  • Needs both the devices to be DLNA-certified to enable sharing.


In this article, we have covered 7 different ways on how to connect TV with mobile phone and also looked at the pros and cons of each of those ways.

What are your favorite ways of connecting your mobile phone with your TV? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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