What Makes a Smart TV, Smart?

Alright, so now you have heard somewhere of a Smart TV and you have this lingering question in your mind, “What makes a Smart TV, smart”? In other words, this article will answer your question of what does a smart tv do, that a regular tv doesn’t. Let’s find out.

So, what makes a Smart TV, smart?

What Makes a Smart TV Smart?

What Makes a Smart TV Smart?

There are multiple reasons why we can consider a Smart TV, to be so. Following are some of the capabilities of a Smart TV (but not limited to), that make me consider them smart:

Wireless and Clutter-free

Wired devices are not a pleasure to deal with and to maintain. Apart from that, dealing with wired devices also increases the high risk of mis-handling as we need to take care of the device and the wires as well. Any damage to the wires increases the risk of damage to the device and can make it inoperable. Apart from this, lot of wires can also consume room space and do not look pleasing to the eyes.

One of the best things that I absolutely love about a Smart TV is the fact that it reduces a lot of clutter that builds up with wired devices. This also helps in reducing the risk with physical handling of the device. It also opens up the possibility of wall-mounting the device without taking too much space and also prevents the problem of dangling wires. As Smart TV offers a wireless solution to the TV needs, it can be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Single Remote Control

When you have multiple devices for your home TV experience, it can be really frustrating to scan, find and operate the proper remote control for the proper device.

For example, you may have other devices such as a Gaming console, Home theatre, Blu-Ray disc attached to your TV. Let’s say you want to operate your Home Theatre. You have to manually scan through all the remote controls you have, pick the one that is appropriate and then recollect the correct way in order to use it. This procedure must be repeated for every device that you need to operate.

Remote Control

Remote Control

A Smart TV typically comes with a single remote control that can be used control any device that it has a connection with. No more manual scanning of multiple remote controls and recollecting the correct procedure of operation. Just a single device and a simple way to control the other devices.

Voice Control

As technology advances, the Smart TVs are becoming even more smarter. Now you no longer even need to use a remote control and physically it to control your Smart TV. You can do pretty much everything by just issuing “voice commands” and thereby, “voice control” your Smart TV.

This eliminates the need to hold the remote control manually in your hands to issue commands, thereby solving one more issue and making it even more simple and easy for you.

Accessibility of favorite content

Did you ever go through the painful process of having to feed your favorite channel into a specific number and then having to recollect it when needed? If yes, then you might be pleased to hear that one of the biggest advantages of a Smart TV is that it can provide you with your favorite content, at the tap of a button!

Apart from the above, you are always a tap or two away from accessing your favorite songs, movies, apps and even games. And on top of it, you can also access online resources and get fresh content delivered straight to you, without having to ever switch to another device for the same. How cool is that!

Universal Search

Ever spent countless hours on searching for content of your liking? If you are like me, you will know how frustrating it is to search for your favorite content, not find it in a specific source and then perform the same search over and over again, selecting different sources each time. This can take up a lot of time and increase frustration.

A Smart TV is “smart” enough to perform a Universal Search i.e. search for your favorite content across multiple sources and platforms and serve the results to you in order of relevancy. This way, you can always stay on track with your content and have the relevant content delivered straight to you. This can easily save up a ton of time, that you would otherwise lose in manual searches!

Share content with other devices

Watching a movie on a Smartphone is okay, but what if you wanted to enjoy the same movie on a bigger resolution or screen? What if you have many people with you in the same room who would like to enjoy the same movie? Fear not, Smart TV to the rescue!

Modern day Smart TVs have built in “Smart Sharing” feature in them. Using this feature, you can simply watch the content of your Smartphone directly in your big-screen Smart TV instantly with just a swipe! Then you are all set to enjoy the luxury and the experience of a bigger screen TV with all your family and friends.


A Smart TV is a great device that makes it easy to access and display the content you desire and make the experience enjoyable and memorable without taking too much efforts from you. It keeps you away from all the hassles that you would otherwise, undergo through a “non-smart” device. A Smart TV is a great device that provides you with all-round and complete entertainment solution in a simple and “smart” device and saves you efforts, time and money in the process.

Now that we understand what makes a Smart TV, smart, it would a good idea to go for one if you are planning for a purchase. Do you know of any other smart features of a Smart TV? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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