How does a Smart TV work?

Have you ever wondered, how does a Smart TV work? If yes, then this article is for you. In the recent past, Smart TVs have replaced the traditional TV sets. TVs have become smarter by the day and provide more features and functionality than ever. In this article, we will see how a Smart TV works and what it can do for us.

So how does a Smart TV work?

How does a Smart TV work

How does a Smart TV work

At its core, the prefix “Smart” is used in describing a device that is capable of providing advanced and more functions, than the obvious. So when it comes to a Smart TV, the intention is to provide all the functionality of a traditional TV set and additional set of features that are both new and advanced.

A Smart TV is manufactured with hardware that is different from the hardware of a traditional TV. Along with the newest set of hardware, there is in-built software that serves as the operating system for the Smart TV. There is also computing power that is added to the software. This combination of hardware and software act together to give you an experience, that you can never expect from your traditional TV set, all by itself.

The main aim of Smart TVs is to learn consumption habits of the users and based on those habits, make intelligent recommendations. When users have these recommendation in front of them, they no longer need to search exclusively for relevant content. This helps to save time and increases positive experience.

Operating System of a Smart TV

As mentioned earlier, a Smart TV consists of an operating system. For example, Samsung Smart TV makes use of Linux as its operating system.  On top of this, it uses a WebKit browser. All of this act together to provide the necessary functionalities of a Smart TV.

App store for Smart TV

Similar to the way you would download applications or apps from Google Play Store for an android Smart phone, there is an app store for downloading apps for Smart TVs. These apps cover a wide range, such as games, weather, news, movies, etc.

Uses of Smart TV

Smart TVs offer you the flexibility of watching the regular TV and a lot more. You can browse social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., shop online, check out the weather, stock market, news and a lot more. You can also subscribe to services such as Netflix, etc.

Smart TVs can be looked at as the modern-day equipment to:

  • Watch TV
  • Browse the web
  • Interact with social media applications
  • Search for relevant content
  • and many more

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Hopefully, this article has thrown enough light on the concept of how Smart TVs work. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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