What are Smart TV Apps – Ultimate Beginners Guide

If you have heard about Smart TV, then chances are good that you might have also heard about Smart TV apps. Have you ever wondered what are Smart TV apps and how you could use them? In this article, I will explain everything that you need to know about Smart TV apps. We will also look at the pros and cons of using Smart TV apps. Let’s get started.

Quick Reference to Smart TV

In reference to my previous article What is a Smart TV, we know that a it is an advanced version of a television set, typically providing you with access to the internet and pretty much everything that you can access over it. Think of the Smart TV as a combination of your regular TV and a computer put together. For reference, some of its advantages are:

  • Ability to use internet on your Smart TV.
  • Access to more channels and TV shows than what you typically receive over the cable-based tv connections.
  • To play online games.
  • Enjoy music online.
  • Watch online videos.
  • Interact with social media applications.
  • Access apps for applications online.

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Smart TV apps

What are Smart TV apps?

What are Smart TV apps?

Now that we are acquainted with the basic concepts of a Smart TV and what it can do for us, it would be easy to understand what Smart TV apps are and what they can do for us. The Smart TV apps are the applications that are basically installed in the Smart TV, just like you would install a software in a Smart Phone. By using those Smart apps, you can do many things, such as:

  • Play as Music player
  • Video calling
  • Watch movies
  • Stream online shows and content to the Smart TV
  • Subscribe to online work out programs for better health
  • Use radio features and listen to millions of songs
  • Connect with other people via social messaging
  • Talk to others using chat services
  • Get live weather forecasts in multiple languages
  • Play games
  • And a lot more

Pros and Cons of Smart Apps

Here are some pros and cons of using Smart Apps:


  • Increased interactivity with online resources gives you the benefit of being able to access helpful data, as and when you need it.
  • If you enroll yourself in an online course, you do not need to stick to a specific schedule to watch it. You can always watch it at your comfort, even later on.
  • Rich source of entertainment is always available at your fingertips. Push a button and you are on your way to access your favorite channel.
  • Connectivity to internet and availability of helpful information can be used to increase productivity.
  • Provide live updates with pretty much any resource that helps stay on top of news.


  • Continued usage of Smart apps can result in addiction, that can be hard to break-away from. This can isolate an individual from the actual physical world around them.
  • Security risks from online hackers and data corruption always exist. If the access to the data is not password-protected effectively, data can be stolen by hackers and misused.
  • Updates of the least importance can be of annoyance, when you are in no mood for them. Of course, you can turn them off, but still you tend to get annoyed.
  • Subscriptions could be expensive, based upon the smart app that you are trying to access.


We have summarized the use of a Smart TV and how we can use Smart apps in them. We have also covered the different pros and cons of a smart app.

Do you know of any other pros and cons of smart apps? Or would you like to share any other info about smart apps? Please feel free to do so by leaving a comment below.

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